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"Former" Gay ABC Editor Worked to Out Foley for Ten Years?

An ABC News Story posted and now removed, revealed one of many so-called openly gay senior editors working to drive former Congressman Mark Foley from office for not voting "pro-gay" starting "ten years" ago.

In effect the open gloating reveals how a major news organization that "exposed" Foley also had a staff working ten years on the project.

No wonder it was removed. The "news story" details how there was a cottage industry to gin up outrage about homosexuality in the Republican Party in order for pro-homosexual allies in the Democrat party- and the homosexual lobby - to gain power.

It was posted to "explain" how the resignation was good because Foley was exposed because he did not vote "right". This was on the ABC news site. The news media giant seems to be have both exposed and punished Foley at the behest of a reporter with a vendetta.

Credit to Free Republic for saving the column before it was removed.

Here's excerpts from the Column (quoting) "Reporter's Notebook: Sexuality and Secrecy [gay reporter's take on Foley] ABC News ^ | September 29, 2006 | J. Jennings Moss "

Sept. 29, 2006 - Mark Foley now finally knows what former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards meant when he said, "The only thing that will cost me the governorship is if I am caught with in bed with a dead girl or a live boy."

ABC News found the live boy in the form of an e-mail and exchange between the Florida Republican congressman and an underage male page. And now, finally, Foley can no longer cajole the media into keeping his private life a secret.

Ten years ago, I outed Foley as a gay man for The Advocate, the national gay and lesbian newsmagazine. But aside from one story in the St. Petersburg Times, no other Florida or national publications would touch the tale, either because Foley and his camp did a great job of shooting the messenger or because of the inherent fear the media have to delve honestly and without judgment into a person's sexual background.

Foley got tagged as gay in 1996 because he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, the first federal law that sought specifically to define marriage as a male-female thing. .......

I wrote the story not as an activist seeking to punish someone for not being who I thought they should be. I wrote it as a journalist seeking to dig deeper into a topic that was at the top of every newspaper in the country. .......

Foley was a master of aversion. For The Advocate story, as I recall, Foley didn't grant a face-to-face interview but instead answered written questions. "Frankly, I don't think what kind of personal relationships I have in my private life is of any relevance to anyone else," he said. (end quote from gay reporter).


Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate