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Moses And Teletubbies Under Arrest

Washington, DC -- THOUGHT CONTROL POLICE (TCP) sponsored by Public Advocate are "patrolling" the Dirksen Senate Office entrances and more Senate Office Buildings and will arrest a man claiming to be Moses and a Teletubby, separately, on FRIDAY, JUNE 1, at 12 NOON, at First Street and Constitution Avenue, Northeast in Washington, D.C.

"We cannot simply allow Christians, Moses, or Teletubbies say any thoughtful, politically incorrect statements," said a representative of the Thought Control Police, as he demonstrated the absurdity of the Left's assault on the religious liberties , "As members of the politically correct elite, we will see to it that all those who disagree with us are punished for their thought crimes!"

Moses, the man who God gave the 10 Commandments and Teletubbies will be arrested at 12 noon and will be taken into custody. "Through Street Theater, we hope to show that both Moses and Tellitubbies can be outlawed under the same hate crimes bill, " said Eugene Delgaudio, the president of Public Advocate.

Public Advocate is protesting the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Protection Act (H.R. 1592), which would grant special rights to homosexuals. This law would add sexual orientation to federal hate crimes statutes. The creation of a new thought crime, which gives greater protection under the law based simply on how one chooses to have sex.

The TCP and their prisoners have joined together in singing a song called "Thought Control is Lovely" to the tune of the theme from "My Fair Lady."

The lyrics to the song are as follows:

What I want is Thought Control
You're my slave, and I'm on a roll
Your whole life I will control
Oh, wouldn't it be lovely

A Presidential Signature and you're my slave
Thought control is what I crave
That is why I rant and rave
Oh, wouldn't it be lovely

Speaker Pelosi's words are not true
Harry Reid and Kennedy don't have a clue
Our whole aims controlling you
Oh wouldn't it be lovely

Pictures of the dramatic political street theatre group, the Thought Control Police, are posted online at: