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Hillary Clinton GLBT adviser threatens citizens

Several volunteers participating in the petition drive to put a new 'gender identity' bill recently passed by the Montgomery County Council up for a referendum have reported several incidences of harassment and intimidation, according to Maryland Citizens for a Responsible Government. Most disturbing, a high level Council aide appears to have been directly involved in this harassment, it says.

Public Advocate feels that this type of wholesale voter intimidation would become the norm on public streets if the homosexual lobby gains power or passes any new federal legislation like the Thought Control Bill or the Gay Bill of Rights.

Television news programs have reported this here in Washington but national news shows have not picked it up. Public Advocate asks Hillary Clinton to drop her support of this staff member and we ask all public officials and candidates for President to reconsider any support of the gay agenda.

Channel 7 TV News Story

Youtube video showing Hillary's Gay Adviser Threatening Citizens