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Public Advocate gives tribute to Jesse Helms, and condemns those who use Helms' name to retreat

Eugene Delgaudio

No true conservative can say enough good things about Senator Jesse Helms.

Typical of some pretend conservatives even in death they shy from Helms's strong pro-family positions, civil rights and anti-gay rights leadership. We embrace him and salute him for those steadfast principles. Shame on those who would trade on the great Helm's name but retreat on those important issues.

You learn nothing if you claim a moral high ground while condemning moral leadership in every fashion.

Most every liberal attacked him when he was in the Senate and it was a rite of passage for liberals in both parties to attack him. Helms was the original lightning rod for the modern conservative movement. He practiced what most politicians preached and they never forgave him.

He was true to his word and his word meant something. Public Advocate defended him and he was appreciative. Those were dangerous times and our small organization had few resources but as then Executive Director, I gathered up our small band and went to America's cities in many states and put the Helms principles out in the open and every liberal of every stripe came at us and were met with defeat at our hands. One major city, Detroit, reported Public Advocate activities on all 3 major TV news affiliates around the clock for 3 days and we still today train young conservatives on those principles we learned from Jesse Helms.

Liberals in the news media hated Helms and did not enjoy a Defend Helms contingent showing up but we did not let up and continued in ten major cities with our defense which was considered an attack on all liberalism.

In a large meeting, he was told of some of the sacrifices being made in his name. Jesse Helms was visibly silent and quiet for a moment. He said "thank you for what you are doing. It is dangerous. Please be careful. "

The ad hoc group we formed was in the tradition of Public Advocate's many projects defending Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle, Ed Meese, and pro-family policies. Many then-young conservatives were part of the Defend Helms group and gave their creative talent. Even the Washington Post couldn't resist reporting it at the time.

There are many other testimonials about Jesse Helms. Like the time Public Advocate protested a pro-homosexual nominee and emptied out a Senate Hearing room. Helms generously forgave Public Advocate volunteers. And he was the lone vote against the pro-homosexual nominee.

Paul Weyrich's tribute to Helms is one of the best, and the Winston Salem newspaper article is also equally authoritative.