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McCain and Obama targeted by Public Advocate to change positions on Marriage Amendment

PA marriage survey teams will conduct a "man on the street" style of interview with a set list of questions designed to demonstrate support for traditional marriage and a federal marriage amendment. 100,000 citizens in 50 cities will be asked "Do you support traditional marriage between a man and a woman?" and PA pollsters will also ask "The Marriage Protections Amendment clearly states; ""Marriage in the United states shall consist only of the union between a man and a woman."" Do you agree or disagree?"

Most of the surveys will be mailed 50,000 were mailed September 23, with 40,000 printed surveys to mail October 2nd. Ten per cent or 10,000 people in 25 major American cities will be asked in video interviews outside churches, city halls and downtown areas during lunchtime these questions for posting on the groups website and on the YouTube free website for amateur videos. The video survey will be conducted over 30 days through Oct. 31. Posting online will begin next week with a survey from Washington,D.C.

The 25 major cities will include ten targeted toss up states which are currently listed as split 50-50 between Obama and McCain in presidential polling. States like Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Nebraska, Michigan, Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Wisconsin and major cities like Washington, D.C., Richmond Va., Philadelphia, Pa, Baltimore, Md., Raleigh, N.C. and Omaha, Nebraska.

Citizens will be asked to address both major candidates for President, Barrack Obama and John McCain, with a video request to change their current positions of opposition to the marriage amendment to a position supporting the marriage amendment. Both major candidates, Obama and McCain, have previously expressed opposition to the marriage amendment.

The title for each city will reflect the location as in "Washington DC YouTube Citizens Survey on Marriage" and "Richmond, Va. Citizens Survey on Marriage" and run five minutes for each segment. There will be editing to show a large number of responses.

The purpose of this survey is allow citizens using the internet or who view the YouTube video to see and hear about fellow supporters find out the face of the majority of the American public support traditional marriage. And so they can put a face on the minority that opposes traditional marriage.

Polls show that frequently, but this is a large sample of the American population on camera to demonstrate support.

Official signs and buttons that will be visible to both the public and on the video to indicate the same approach in every city and the grassroots nature of the effort

Public Advocate is known for unique street theater and this Marriage Citizens Survey is in that tradtion. PA has over a dozen videos posted online and on youtube but this project will produce 25 separate videos from 25 cities in targeted toss-up states. PA has produced over 100 separate political street theater productions in the last 25 years.