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2004: A Year of Victories!

Public Advocate is pleased to welcome the New Year by celebrating the victories and accomplishments of 2004.

Although the radical homosexual lobby may have been smug early in 2004 after the undemocratic decisions of courts and mayors allowing gay marriage in parts of the country, pro-family Americans fought back and accomplished resounding pro-family victories at the ballot box. Public Advocate was happy to be a leader in this most important year in the fight for the American Family.

In February Public Advocate volunteers went on the road for the first of many times in 2004, traveling to Boston. As the state legislature meet to pass a Family Marriage Amendment that would limit marriage to a union of a man and a woman following the State Supreme Court's decree that homosexual marriages must be allowed, Public Advocate handed out wooden nickels in front of the statehouse encouraging people to tell the legislators to pass the amendment so marriage would not become "as worthless as a wooden nickel."

The message was heard throughout the state and the world as local, national, and even international members of the press corps surrounded the Public Advocate staff and volunteers.

In April Public Advocate again went on the attack, and convinced the Internal Revenue Service to issue an opinion that any tax-fillers that tried to file as "married" with a same sex partner, even if they were from a state or city who issued such marriage licenses, would be committing tax fraud, because of the Defense of Marriage Act limits marriage to a union between a man and a woman.

Throughout the year Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio has been leading the fight for the Family Marriage Amendment that would put the man and woman definition of marriage in the U.S. Constitution so that radical judges could not redefine marriage. While the fight for FMA will be long and hard, Public Advocate remains convinced that the American Family will prevail in the end.

In October, as the election season was in full gear, Public Advocate volunteers launched the cake for marriage tour. The tour was a voter education campaign, in which citizens were given wedding cake by a mock bride and groom in full bridal attire, and asked these voters to find out how their candidates stood on the Federal Marriage Amendment before casting their votes. The response was overwhelming as the tour made stops in West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The media response was overwhelming at these stops and Public Advocate received press from TV, radio, and newspaper media outlets in these states. On November 2nd, the impact of this tour could be seen as pro-family candidates raced to victory throughout the nation.

Public Advocate closed 2004 with a bang, fighting the political correctness of the ACLU, who are now trying to kick the Boy Scouts off of military bases! Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio led dozens of Christmas carolers in singing in front of the ACLU's Washington DC office. The event was promoted on shows like Shawn Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, and local talk radio stations from sea to sea. Fox News, CNN, NewsMax, Worldnet Daily, the Washington Times and Family News Radio among others also covered the event.

As a victorious year comes to an end we must not rest or become complacent. Candidates won on conservative, pro-family platforms, and we must now remind them of that fact and hold their feet to the fire. The gay lobby will not stop and neither can we. Now is the time to lead!