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Schwarzenegger Trashes Constitution

Rising Above the Law: Arnold Schwarzenegger Plots Overthrow of Both the State and Federal Constitutions - Still Fighting Traditional Marriage but Considers His Power More Important.

On November 4th, 2008 Californians representing every race, party, and religion enacted Proposition 8, which now passed adds traditional marriage protection to the California state constitution. Supporters of Proposition 8 included many minorities, both African-American and Hispanic, who voted for Barack Obama. During his presidential candidacy, Obama made statements against traditional marriage but still won California heavily favored by the minority vote which went against him on marriage protection.

Similar amendments for this election cycle passed in Arizona and Florida. Although rogue justices attacked marriage in Connecticut this year, no marriage protection measures were defeated by the people in any state.

The fact that most minority voters in California were key in making marriage protection part of the California state constitution makes it clear that America does not consider so-called "gay marriage" to be a civil-rights issue, but a moral issue which requires protection for mainstream American family values. Post-election polling-data shows Hispanics almost evenly divided.

African-Americans overwhelmingly supported the recent addition of traditional marriage protection to the California constitution, thus erasing forever the cornerstone of radical homosexual propaganda which falsely equates special-rights advocacy and thought-control with the African-American civil-rights movement which was predominantly spearheaded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the NAACP during the 1960s.

But no matter how clear and how often that Californians and Americans prove their will at the polls that they want marriage protection, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and a few rogue justices hold no respect for the people. Arnold and his rogue justices intend to force their power against the supreme and defining law of American society not only as defined in the state constitutions which they all swore to uphold but also as found in the US Constitution.

While addressing the "Log Cabin" Republican homosexual group during April of this year, Governor Arnold "The Oak" displayed his hunger for additional power to be even greater than his attack mentality bent on enforcing special rights and thought-control against families.

"I think we need a constitutional amendment so that foreign-born citizens can run for president, but not about gay marriage. That’s a total waste of time," Arnold reportedly said, his statements broken by loud applause from the Republican homosexual group.

As all three proposed marriage protection amendments passed this year, it is obvious why Arnold blew off marriage protection for California's constitution in favor of continuing his attacks - Arnold knew that he would lose. The recent addition of Proposition 8 to California’s constitution not only shows that Californians and minorities most often support traditional marriage, even when voting for a liberal candidate, but the result also confirms what we already knew, that Arnold’s fight against traditional marriage would have gone down in flames anyway.

Arnold knew he would lose all along, and now that he has lost, he wants to force his power by protecting his rogue justices in the likely event that California’s Supreme Court assists him in his attack on the new constitutional law protecting marriage.

During his post-defeat interview, Arnold told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, "I personally, am for me, marriage is between a man and a woman, but I don’t want to ever force my will on anyone…"

But Arnold's other statements show that now more than ever he is ready to pounce and force his power against the new constitutional marriage protection amendment. Even more outrageous, Arnold said that the California Supreme Court has already overturned Proposition 8, even though this is the first marriage protection amendment ever passed into law for California’s constitution.

"The court has overturned it, and now they went back and the people have voted for it again - against the gay marriage. So the Supreme Court, you know, I think ought to go back and look at that again and they’ll go back to the same decision…. I think that they will, and I think that the important thing now is to resolve this issue in that way," Arnold told Stephanopoulos emphasizing the word "that."

In Arnold’s power-hungry mind, the will of the people stops at his opinion. Not only is Arnold clearly intent on forcing his power to overturn California’s constitution, but as he had told the homosexual Republican group in April, he also wants to overturn Article II, Section I, Clause V of the US Constitution which prohibits foreign-born presidents and therefore stops Arnold from running for president and taking over the whole country.

America’s constitutional framers placed the prohibition on foreign-born presidents in the Constitution during the year 1789, because in the same year there was a European scandal which involved Austrians positioning their young men in other European countries to grow up and take over. When discussing this part of American constitutional history, some scholars note that Hitler came from Austria and took over Germany. Not only was Arnold not born in the United States, but Arnold was born in and is from Austria where he reportedly still holds a dual-citizenship in conjunction with being a United States citizen, a fact which has already alarmed millions of people across America.

If Arnold cannot restrain his power from overturning traditional marriage and California’s constitution, then we most certainly can neither trust him as commander-in-chief of America’s powerful military, nor to preserve and protect the United States Constitution, nor to protect our families.

Throughout our numerous surveys across the country, Public Advocate has found that regardless of race, political affiliation, or religion that a majority of Americans support traditional marriage. Public Advocate is alarmed and deeply concerned that any politician would rise directly against marriage and constitutional law to attack and overthrow the clear intent and will of the people.