Defending the family

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Testimony: Weyrich Worked Wonders

Eugene Delgaudo, President, Public Advocate

Coming from New York in 1981, I first encountered Paul Weyrich's coalitions as a form of uprising that had taken over Washington. After witnessing, participating and attending many of these meetings, there were many projects that Public Advocate was prayerfully inspired to take on by Paul Weyrich. His trust and encouragement was constant to me as a young man and at one point allowed the use of humor in fighting liberal Ted Kennedy.

That one blessing he gave paved the way for a long history of creative political street theater productions by Public Advocate.

Under Weyrich's guidance and Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute's discipline and the permission of PA's board of directors, Public Advocate went out to establish some of the baselines for many laws of the public policy process.

Weyrich had faith in some of the challenging tasks and tactics suggested by Public Advocate. That faith Weyrich had was sustaining to us and to all who were in the fight against liberalism. Without Mr. Weyrich, the pro-family movement will have a much harder time in the future.

His life was filled with many other much bigger political accomplishments benefiting the United States and the world. His family and children shared him with us all that time. We owe them all a debt of gratitude. May God welcome Paul Weyrich now and forever.