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Grassroots Organization Conducts Street Theatre Operations Against Cellucci Nomination

Washington, DC - Public Advocate of the United States, a pro-family grassroots organization, attacked President Bush's expected nomination of Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci as ambassador to Canada. The group sponsored a street theatre demonstration titled 'Perverts for Cellucci.' Demonstrators dressed as flashers in trench-coats, hats, dark sunglasses, and skin toned clothing to call attention to state sponsored seminars approved by Cellucci that described graphic homosexual acts to school children. The demonstrators mockingly flashed hundreds of passer-bys as they handed out flyers and sang satirical songs to drive home their point: Paul Cellucci must not be confirmed.

The group focused on a March, 2000 state sponsored workshop titled "What they didn't tell you about queer sex and sexuality in health class: a workshop for youth only, ages 14-21" where three state employees gave a "how to" seminar on sexual acts such as "fisting." Governor Cellucci continues to support the direct state funding of organizations that sponsor workshops such as these.

"Paul Cellucci is in the pocket of the radical homosexual left that wants to poison the minds of our children through public funding of these obscene and perverted organizations and seminars," state spokesman Jesse Binnall. "His anti-family, anti-child actions prove that he lacks the moral fiber to be dog-catcher, and someone with his lack of character should never be allowed to represent our nation abroad."

The group also announced that it would immediately launch a $100,000 mail campaign to educate Americans about Cellucci's actions. "Most people have no idea that, thanks to Paul Cellucci, these perversions are being taught with their tax money," Binnall added.