Defending the family

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Obama Betrays Supporters

During the inauguration just after he was sworn in, President Obama unleashed a horde of new policies aimed at undermining the traditional definition of marriage and legitimizing homosexuality. These included his intent to reverse the ban on open homosexuals in the military and repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, all the while claiming to support traditional marriage. President Obama ignored thousands of his own supporters.

Based on our video survey takers and enthusiastic support demonstrated at the Presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. and in this newly released video it's clear that most of the millions of citizens who turned out at the Inauguration of Barack Obama support traditional marriage and want a federal marriage protection amendment signed into law. Public Advocate has put together a budget to appeal to Mr. Obama not to do this to his supporters and is advertising in 10 daily newspaper websites coast to coast. Thousands watch the video of Obama betraying his own supporters. Watch this video on our YouTube Channel here