Defending the family

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AP Wire: Gay Activists in Mass. Sue US for "Federal Benefits"

From AP News online: "Mary Ritchie, a Massachusetts State Police trooper, has been married for almost five years and has two children. But when she files her federal income tax return, she's not allowed to check the "married filing jointly" box.

That's because Ritchie and her spouse, Kathleen Bush, are a gay couple, and the federal Defense of Marriage Act makes them ineligible to file joint tax returns."

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Public Advocate supported DOMA and supports a consitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman only. Public Advocate asked the IRS to issue a ruling against same sex couples filing joint returns.

Public Advocate will file a friend of the court brief that defends marriage against this latest assault.

Public Advocate became the focus of homosexual lobbies and conferences internationally when it successfully asked for an IRS ruling to support the DOMA law passed by Congress and signed by then-President Bill Clinton: (posted elsewhere on this website, from 2004)

"April 13, 2004 Washington, DC -- Public Advocate of the United States, a non-profit, pro-family group, delivered a letter to the Internal Revenue Service today calling for investigations into same-sex couples who may file any tax form as "married - filing jointly" or "married filing separately" as part of a fraudulent same-sex marriage, such as those that have been performed by the thousands in San Francisco, California between homosexual couples."

"June 14, 2004 Falls Church, VA -- In a victory for the American family, Public Advocate received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service confirming that it is unlawful for same-sex couples to file their taxes under any married status, even if the jurisdiction in which the couple lives, erroneously recognizes such a union. "