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Public Advocate Addresses 100,000 New Hampshirites

In a letter to every registered voter available on the public record this past Friday, Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio asks 100,000 New Hampshire citizens to call their governor.

PA president Eugene Delgaudio says: "Public Advocate has mailed entire voter registrations in a dozen states to publicize a legislative action or the need to veto a bill. Today we are using phone banks, using emails
and other methods to send a message to the New Hampshire State Senate
and the Governor."

Public Advocate releases a copy of this letter to the public today of this direct response communication which is in newspaper, radio ads,internet websites and messages, and in the standard mail.

Text Of Delgaudio Message To 100,000 New Hampshire Citizens

Dear Fellow Concerned American,

Your immediate action is needed to stop homosexual marriage from becoming law in New Hampshire .

As I write you this letter, HB 436, a bill that would legalize homosexual marriage, is in the New Hampshire Senate Judiciary Committee.

HB 436 is on the fast track, and may even pass out of the Senate Judiciary Committee before this letter is delivered to you. It already passed the House 186-179.

There isn't a moment to lose .

I am contacting thousands of pro-family New Hampshire residents like you in order to stop this assault on marriage -- before it becomes the law of the land.

I have included 3 sets of postcards to your state Senator and Governor Lynch in this letter -- a set for you, and two more sets to give to your friends and neighbors.

The postcard to your state Senator insists he vote against HB 436 and preserve traditional marriage in New Hampshire.

Democrats have a majority in the senate, and only a strong outcry from the people will persuade them to vote against it . Even some Republicans are wavering under pressure from homosexual activists.

Moreover, Governor Lynch has not yet promised to veto the bill if it crosses his desk. Your postcard to Governor Lynch insists he do just that.

If we can convince Governor Lynch to do the right thing and veto the bill if it passes, there are not enough anti-family votes in the Senate to override his decision.

I hope you see how urgent this is: You must act today .

The vote could happen any day now, or it could be weeks before HB 436 is voted on. But if you act now, you can kill the bill before it gets that far .

So please, as soon as you possibly can, sign and send your postcards to your senator and Governor Lynch, and hand out the other sets to other pro-family citizens like yourself. Or better yet, send personal letters yourself, and give all the postcards to friends and family to send.

Don't let New Hampshire be another stepping-stone for the radical Homosexual Lobby .

Act today and stop HB 436 .p>


Eugene Delgaudio,

President, Public Advocate

P.S. The Senate could pass HB 436 any day now.

Don't let New Hampshire be the next stepping-stone for the radical Homosexual Lobby .

Act now, and send your postcards to your state Senator and Governor Lynch today before handing out the extra petitions to your friends.

Additionally, you can contact your Senator by calling (603) 271-2111.

Tell your Senator and the governor that MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN.