Defending the family

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You would think a top John Mc Cain campaign official would be embarrassed to show himself in public and retire from politics. Only in a fantasy would anyone of rational political experience listen to Steve Schmidt who now is being trumpeted by liberal media outlets and hundreds of pro-gay propaganda blogs to embrace homosexual marriage.

This is the same Steve Schmidt that has been a gay rights activist for years?

No mention of this is made in any of the wall to wall coverage, that the so-called TOP GOP consultant is also and has been a TOP GAY LOBBYIST. You think that might have something to do with the political suicide of the Republican Party?

During his rise in California and leading up to his controlling the McCain Presidential Campaign Schmidt has been known to all as a pro-gay rights proponent.

Advocate and Media Reported Schmidt's Gay Embrace

The gay national newspaper, The Advocate, reported last September 4, 2008 " Steve Schmidt, the strategist who currently has "full operational control" of the McCain campaign, dropped in at a Log Cabin Republicans luncheon and stated:

"I just wanted to take a second to come by and pay my respect and the campaign's respect to your organization and to your group," said Schmidt, who many view as the new architect of the Republican Party. "Your organization is an important one in the fabric of our party."

Just a casual visit and announcement to put a cabal of homosexual activists in charge of the McCain White House -- nothing to be noticed by informed Christian leaders since they don't read, listen or watch the national media outlets. Sure.

John McCain ran a liberal candidacy with a gay rights campaign manager and deserved to lose his race. And any elected official, be they Republican or Democrat, who listens to Steve Schmidt or any proponent of the gay lobby and supports an end to traditional marriage will deserve to lose re-election as a result of ignoring majority sentiment for traditional marriage.

Schmidt Used Traditional Marriage In Rise to Power

Of course, Mr. Schmidt was a "supporter" of traditional marriage before he was out to destroy it.

The same liberal New York Times shows the flip flopping now-Gay rights spokesman pushing traditional marriage back in 2004.

On Saturday, August 15, 2004 "Steve Schmidt, a spokesman for the (2004) Bush campaign, said: ''The president has made his position clear, that he believes the institution of marriage should be preserved. This issue was forced on the country by a group of activist judges, and states across the country have measures on the ballot for the fall election which will preserve the institution of marriage, and voters will let their voices be heard.''

So, is it possible Schmidt used traditional marriage as an issue to gain power in 2004 and advocated it as a winning issue to the world but now wants to end traditional marriage in America in 2009. And he is a top GOP leader?

The Gay Lobby has fooled the liberal news media or the liberal news media doesn't care. Schmidt's background
as a top gay rights leader who pushed gay rights in 2008 onto the general population AFTER the Republican nomination was set and destroyed the national campaign, is hidden.

Leave it to the GOP to get on the wrong side of an issue. Something like 70% of the public opposes gay marriage.

No pro-traditional marriage amendment has failed after having gotten on a ballot.

As the Baptist Press says "Social conservative leaders, though, have argued that the issue is a winning one for politicians. The 30 states that have adopted constitutional marriage amendments have passed them by an average margin of 68-32 percent."

So of course to the liberal New York Times newspaper , their 30 per cent is the one that counts. Not your 70 per cent. And their adherents can't win at the ballot box so they attempt to just lock it up by force-feeding their propaganda to both major parties and the rest of us.

Here's the link to the New York Times article but there are 100s more in newspapers, blogs, youtube, and elsewhere.

Addendum: Schmidt was Spiro Agnew before he was Al Gore.

In addition to being a flip flopping fraud about traditional marriage and a one man self-demolition expert of national political campaigns, Schmidt also is a CRITIC of the national news media's bias. That is unless they fawn over his embrace of liberalism "as a conservative Republican". See the youtube video in which he attacks the New York Times and "the press" for their "bias" and calls the NYTs "not a journalistic organization but a pro-Obama advocacy is a deceitful organization....150% in the tank for (Obama)...."

It seems Schmidt is a regular Spiro Agnew (former Republican Vice-President who condemned media bias).

Schmidt says "Everything that is read in the NY Times.....should be is an organization that casts aside its journalistic (help Obama). (Conference Call Tape September 22, 2008)

Schmidt is Gay Rights Hypocrite-- Surprise!

So he was a critic of the liberal media before he became their hero.

Seriously, using Schmidt's own words, since he is now hailed in the New York Times, Schmidt is now a pro-Obama freak and no different than a Barney Frank or Hillary Clinton as far as extremist views go.

See youtube videos in which Schmidt says "Everything you read in the NYT is pro-Obama".