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Public Advocate Responds to Murder Threat By British Tory MP

A SENIOR Tory MP joked about murdering Miss California recently on a popular TV show. Public Advocate says send the British Ambassador home immediately.

Shadow leader of the House of Commons Alan Duncan was appearing on the BBC comedy show "Have I Got News For You" when he declared that he might “murder” Miss California himself.

He, Duncan, was commenting on the beauty contestant for standing firm on her pro-traditional marriage position under attack by another openly homosexual attacker.

Public Advocate has posted a transcript of the exchange and other news reports for its membership and supporters at

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio issued this statement today

"Public Advocate is concerned when government officials from abroad advocate murdering our citizens. The British Ambassador in Washington should be sent home immediately and the President of the US should sever diplomatic relations for a period of time.

Alan Duncan is not from the United States, he probably doesn't understand our way of life. He is not an American, not a party to American politics, and yet he is trying to limit one American's right to free speech.

How is Duncan's murder threat any different from King George's threat to put down the American revolution.

Long live liberty and long live the reign of Miss California."