Defending the family

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Transcript of Gay Parliamentarian�s Murder Threat

On April 24, MP Alan Duncan, shadow leader in the House of Commons, appeared on the popular British TV panel show “Have I Got News For You” and called Carrie Prejean a "silly b***h.”

He then went on to say; “If you read that miss California has been murdered you’ll know it was me, wont you.

(Crowd laughing nervously, hissing)

(Katy Brand) - That’s a H*@l of a statement to make there on camera.

(Paul Merton) - Someone planning to be Home Security says that “if she dies tomorrow.”

(Lady) - What are you going to do?

(Frank Skinner) - Nothing like Freedom of Speech from a Tory? She disapproves of same sex marriages so she deserves to die by your hand?

(Paul Merton) - We will not put up with this intolerance.

Mr. Duncan was the first sitting member of Parliament to openly declare his homosexuality and is the aspiring Home Secretary.