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Obama Calls for 'Common Ground' (Surrender) On Abortion Debate

Statement by Eugene Delgaudio, President Public Advocate of the U.S.

President Obama has made it quite clear in the first 100 days in office that he is very pro choice and has so not proven to be conciliatory. From his reversal of the Mexico City Policy to his opposition of legislation protecting born-alive failed abortions, it is quite clear that he is not moderate on the issue. Abortion is still legal, pro-life legislation is being overturned as I write this, and in all likelihood we will have another pro-choice Supreme Court Justice. It appears as if he holds all of the cards for any concession if he wants any gestures of good will to be made. Any further allowances made by Americans who support traditional values might as well be declarations of surrender.

During the Battle of the Bulge the 101st Airborne Division bravely held the line but was besieged by a numerically superior German force. The Germans demanded that the Americans surrender but in turn the American General McAuliffe gave his famous reply “NUTS!”

In a similar fashion, Public Advocate is replying to Obama’s call for the surrender of the pro-life movement by replying; “NUTS!” The pro-life movement is not going to engage in surrender talks with the man who currently holds all the cards but refuses to make concessions of his own. If President Obama is serious about entering into dialogue with pro-life Americans than Public Advocate has a list of requirements.     

Starting tomorrow, President Obama should issue an executive order to instruct the FBI, CIA, and all other Federal agencies to cease and desist in the prosecution of those who attempt by praying and other peaceful means to shut down abortion clinics.

Second, all overseas military facilities will cease offering abortions.

Third, All foreign aid and loans will once again promote abstinence programs.

Fourth, the Mexico City policy that Obama revoked during the first two days he was in office shall be reinstituted.

Fifth, a pro-life Supreme Court candidate shall be offered.

Sixth, in light of President Obama’s call for dialogue on how to reduce the number of abortions, a conference should be called which will include the Pope, the American Catholic Church Hierarchy, the leaders of the Mormon Church and other Christian groups. They will all be given a chance to voice there views on how the number of abortions can be reduced.

Seven, Alan Keyes shall be made president of Notre Dame University, Patrick Buchanan will be instated as president of Catholic University, Randle Terry will also be given the presidency of Georgetown, and Laura Ingram St. Johns University.

Eighth, during the first 100 days that Obama was in office he pushed through many of his abortionist policies. We demand that Mandatory ultrasound testing be required for all women as part of every health program and required of all abortion clinics by executive order and all doctors must cease referring to a baby as a fetus and call them by what they are; children or child.

Nine, all funding that is given to Planned Parenthood, both national and international, will now be sent to Crisis Pregnancy.

Last, we require the FBI to escort Operation Rescue Operatives and assist their counselors whenever necessary

Public Advocate was right when we called on Donald Trump to defend Miss America. Now we are calling on President Obama to confirm his good intentions of an open dialogue by getting it started with a gesture of good will and conceding on these ten points.

Americans who hold true to traditional values must be given these concessions before we agree to enter into dialogue with the Obama Administration. Until then we will not surrender, we will not concede, and we will not be manipulated by insipid rhetoric.