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Victory Over British Tyranny, But Not The End Of the Fight

Jacqui Smith, the disgraced Home Secretary of formerly “great” Britain, has stepped down. She was responsible for adding Conservative American talk radio show host Michael Savage to a list of 16 individuals banned from entering the United Kingdom; the infamous  “name and shame” list.  Mr. Savage told the Chronicle on Tuesday in an interview that he is “stunned” and that he will continue his fight to get his name removed from the disgraceful roster.

Public Advocate immediately came to the aid of Michael Savage and earlier Miss California, when she were under attack by the British Government as well. Public Advocate has condemned the mistreatment of American liberties by the members of the British government and appreciates the progress in our campaign. "Americans must continue our self imposed travel ban on visits to the British Isles until they stop imposing their politically correct and liberty infringing lifestyle on American citizens," said PA President Eugene Delgaudio.

"And take Michael Savage off your ban list," Delgaudio demanded to a packed room in his Falls Church offices.

We urge people to cheer but not to celebrate this resignation  and we advise all Americans that the vital effort to safeguard American liberties continues. We will ask our social network, our subscribers and our supporters to please continue to distribute and send out our "Americans "Banned" From England" petition to friends and family and continue the struggle until we are safe from the tyranny of the nanny state, England.

To sign our petition Americans "Banned" From England, click here