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Gov. Sanford: Deadbeat Husband and Dad, Corrupt Official

Gov. Sanford: Deadbeat Husband and Dad, Corrupt Official

In wall to wall news coverage for the past 24 hours America has learned how low a human being can travel once again.

Public Officials who are absolute in their public corruption should be punished more severely than private individuals who operate in a disreputable manner.

Jailtime and other sanctions should be considered for men or women who take illicit liberties while enjoying public trust.

That's what the federal government is attempting to do to and is carrying out in prosecuting corporate executives for previous behavior that was laughed out of courts.

Why not the same prosecuting standard of public officials who misbehave?

Republican Governor Mark Sanford has admited he cheated on his wife, traveled to a foreign country to visit a mistress and nobody in the state he represents knew at the time where he was and put out stories that were lies.

Sanford should not be in public office today.  And he should face jail time for malfeance in office and dereliction of duty.

These two charges are criminal charges but they could be the basis for impeachment. Quoting the USA Today article posted online:

(Quote )Sanford's six-day tango to Argentina left a tangle back home, said Republican state Sen. Harvey Peeler. "He left the country and deliberately made himself unavailable without delegating power to the lieutenant governor. "He misled his staff, who unknowingly misled the public. These actions could have had drastic consequences in the case of an emergency."


While we are at it, there are plenty of other people who should not be in Washington and are dangerous to interns and staff (young people who are current and future victims of elected officials) and all citizens of the United States.

Republican Sen. John Ensign of Nevada who apologized to fellow Republicans for a nine-month affair with a campaign staffer. This fellow sends out a hundred million requests for money to the "Republican cause".

New York governor Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat who last year admitted to involvement with a prostitute and then resigned and is being considered for an appointment with the Obama administration.

Openly homosexual Rep. Barney Frank, who is interviewed on every news outlet without condemnation,  should not be in office for giving disrepect to the full House of Representatives when they condemned him and censured him for hosting a male prostitution ring in his Capitol Hill townhouse.  He promotes public perversion and designed the current economic downturn by dictating to banks to extend loans to millions of unworthy high credit risk applicants.

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine should not be in office today due to his doubledipping as Governor and travel for the Obama White House as Democratic National Chairman. He's not telling anybody how much public money he's using and how spending half his time outside the state of Virginia is helping Virginia.

To view the article on Sanford's "apology"