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President Obama: Homosexuals Are Selling You Out

President Obama: Homosexuals Are Selling You Out

Is White House And Washington Post Complicit In Barbaric Depravity?

This is the most outrageous act in recent days. The Associated Press reports "A university official selling an adopted black child for sex on the internet."

But most in the major media and our first Black President, Barack Obama, ignores it.

America now has a university official who thinks nothing of selling an adopted black child over the internet.

The U.S. Senate is considering passing legislation to make it illegal to condemn immoral acts like pedophilia and other bizarre sexual acts. It should defeat the so-called Hate Crimes act which we call Thought Control Bill.

It is time that civil rights groups recognize the gay lobby as an unwelcome "partner".

The president of the United States must condemn this barbaric act of depravity or by his silence be complicit in it.

This is raw pedophillic bigotry by a well paid homosexual university official. There should be no quarter in condemning it if the man is convicted. These are not routine allegations. If true, the charges mark a severe downturn in immoral behavior.

Public Advocate has been mocked by the Washington Post and one hundred pro-homosexual blogs for warning that homosexuals will use and sell adopted children for sex. Where are the editorials apologizing to Public Advocate and admitting they, the Washington Post, was wrong and Public Advocate right?

If the President and major civil rights groups remain silent, you can count on Hollywood, some in the major news media and the Homosexual Lobby to make a movie of this university official and put him on world tour as a misunderstood loner who is really just pushing the envelope of the "homosexual rights movement."