Defending the family

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Homosexual Marriage Threat in California

Pro-family activists recently celebrated a major victory in California with the passage of Proposition 8, banning so-called homosexual "marriage." But homosexuals are not backing down.  In fact, they're already plotting their counter-attack.

Homosexual activists are hoping that we will remain completely oblivious of their scheming.  With the recent passage of Proposition 8, pro-family forces have every reason to relax their guard.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what the homosexuals are counting on.  They are preparing to launch a program to repeal Proposition 8 as early as 2010, and if their plan succeeds it will completely blindside the opposition.  Though many are still exhausted from our hard-won victory, we must begin rallying now if we are to preserve marriage in California.  Public Advocate is ready.

Homosexuals are counting on catching pro-family Americans off-guard, giving them little time to react.  Make sure that you are prepared.