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Top Homosexual Rights Celebrity Dresses Up As Hitler

Top Homosexual Rights Celebrity Dresses Up As Hitler

Warning: This is nauseating.

She has emphatically pushed homosexual rights day and night in every television or radio studio and every interview for years. And the news media has helped her. Now she is alledgedly dressing up as Hitler and baking and eating "Jewish Gingerbread men".

It is nauseating and clearly the magazine, and Roseanne Barr, is seeking attention. Is Barr complicit or a victim?

Many websites report and ask: Did Roseanne Barr willfully do a photoshoot with a "jewish only" online magazine that focuses on Jewish celebrities worldwide and wear a Nazi uniform and pose eating burnt "gingerbread Jew Men" cookies.

We have never heard of Heeb magazine but it is similar to dozens of Hollywood centered trash and tabloid propaganda and they state that they "adore" homosexual spokesperson Roseanne Barr. They have done similar strong attacks or favorable promotions of other celebrities.

(It is now clear, August 3) Roseanne Barr intentionally used Nazi symbolism and intentionally posed baking, burning and eating Jewish people it is the most loathsome attention getting episode of her life and in the modern post World War II world. But liberals in the media will probably embrace her even more. Or ignore it completely.

Previously Roseanne Barr called black people "bigoted and ignorant" and lashed out against "those who misused their votes" to deny "basic civil rights" (SIC) to gays and lesbians" in the recent California referendum in which 70 per cent of blacks voted to preserve traditional marriage.

We are not recommending this "magazine" but the original article is posted at (maybe they received some federal stimulus money also?).

If Barr issues a disclaimer, or files a lawsuit against "Heeb" we will report that. (As of August 3, it seems this is a real public relations campaign on the part of Roseanne Barr and the magazine)

Photos posted at

UPDATE since this was posted (8-2-09)

>>>Defender of Gay Rights Leader As Hitler Responds

Kansas City dot com reports "Reaction to (the) photo of Roseanne Barr, taken for Heeb, a satirical Jewish culture magazine, is burning up commentary boards all over the Internet. and quotes the publisher.

Publisher of Heeb who published a photo shoot of homosexual rights leader Rosanne Barr posing as Adolph Hitler and baking Jewish cookies begins with

"Many have been up and arms over our recent photo of Roseanne Barr as a "Nazi domestic goddess" in our Germany Issue, questioning how, as Jews, we could ever find any humor in such a subject. When I hear such sorrowful pleas, I want to cry from remorse, but I’m afraid the ensuing suds would cake the lenses of my glasses. " unquote


One posted comment on the publishers page:

This is a sham of a publication. It’s not even funny. My friends and I could write a funnier stuff in 10 minutes and get a better circulation EVEN without mocking our grandparents burning in ovens.

thedogman (another poster) says,
08.01.09 at 4:08 pm

i have been involved in comedy for decades, and i have a very open mind. this attempt at whatever it is you are trying to achieve is simply beyond belief. roseanne barr is an offensive human being, and no advertiser should ever support your endeavors. anyone advertising on your site should think again about the consequences. you have caused unneeded pain to those that have already suffered enough, and the demise of heeb cannot come soon enough.

For the complete statement from Heeb and responses from other posters go to


(Another update to above August 3, 2009)

Washington Times Has No Opinion: She loves Jews, She hates Jews?

Comedian Roseanne Barr is either smearing Jewish people or celebrating them, depending on whom you ask.

The inflammatory joker was styled as a "Nazi domestic goddess" wearing an Adolf Hitler mustache and brandishing a cookie sheet full of burned gingerbread "Jew cookies" fresh out of the oven for her profile in Heeb magazine's new Germany-themed issue.........

Several news outlets reprinted the photos, questioning the intent of them. Fox News described them as "shocking."