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CBS Video: Officer Crowley Reports After Beer With 3 Perps

CBS Video, PA Comment: Officer Crowley Reports To America After Beer With 3 Perps



There is no other way to describe 3 so-called elitist boobs who publicly browbeat a field deputy for a routine arrest.

No other incident explains the "brilliance" of liberal elitism showing its complete blindness to common sense. They act like perpetrators everywhere attempting to "prove" their innocence after the crime. 

The field deputy who responds to night time trouble of any kind must follow his training and instincts. That's what America expects and Officer Crowley is no different than most trained deputies. They perform these skills routinely on a daily basis.

Law enforcement expects bravery and tactical success as routine.

Liberal elites pound them for it by rewarding criminals for their criminal behavior and has universally sided with someone who berates law enforcement representatives.

President Barrack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Professor Henry Gates, in league with the national news media, are attempting to dismantle law enforcement at every level with this public display of embracing lawlessness.

That will be the outcome of micromanaging local law enforcement. Similarly Judge Sonya Sonomayer destroys competent fire departments.

In both cases (firemen and police) the liberals target, criminalize and punish competent public servants who perform at the top of their class.

And the President and Barney Frank attempts to criminalize Christians who practice and pray publicly to preserve traditional marriage and oppose perverse sexual behaviors in their lives with presidential orders, legislation, stimulus monies for homosexual pornography and policies.

What is in store for Officer Crowley for doing his job?

A series of brainwashing sessions is in store for Officer Crowely with professor Gates reporting how things are going to President Barrack Obama. Its instructive to the rest of us.

When a law enforcement official catches criminal behavior by a liberal friend of President Obama, he gets threatened to back off publicly. That's the teachable moment for Public Advocate.

The rest of the world is angry and condemns the media and the President but the media ignores that fact.

To view Officer Crowley's video response to Pres. Obama, VP Biden and Prof. Gates