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Hate Crime, What Hate Crime?

Hate Crime, What Hate Crime?

Public Advocate believes liberals apply some laws  to some people not at all. That is what we have been saying for years, that federal laws designed to empower (not protect) homosexual activists will be used to beat down Christians.

Now comes the case in Philadelphia where literally, its okay to beat down voters if you are the New Black Panthers. It's illegal for anybody else to do it of course, if you are keeping track.

American Thinkers' Jan LaRue writes today:

(Quote) The Obama DOJ (Department of Justice) has admitted dropping a civil complaint filed by the Bush DOJ on Jan. 7, 2009, accusing members of the New Black Panther Party of "wearing black berets, black combat boots, black dress shirts and black jackets with military-style markings, brandishing a 2-foot-long nightstick and issuing racial threats and racial insults" at voters in Philadelphia, during November's election," according to an exclusive in The Washington Times on July 30. Members of Congress want to know why.

Holder was certainly aware of (editor's note: numerous sections of current federal law prohibiting specific actions taken by the Black Panthers)  Sec. 245 when he testified before Congress on June 25. He quoted the section urging Congress to pass a new "hate crimes" law which would allow the federal government to prosecute crimes based on sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or disability even if the victim wasn't engaged in a federally protected activity.......

..............Unless Holder considers "brandishing a 2-foot-long nightstick" just an innovative invitation to "talk with each other about things racial," it appears that his DOJ is cowering before the New Black Panthers.

Since the statute of limitations hasn't run on filing felony charges under Sec. 245, Mr. Hill and Mr. Counts should request a conversation with Holder about "unresolved racial issues" in Philadelphia.
Maybe Holder will have them over for a beer (unquote)