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Obama Determined to Destroy Marriage

President Barack Obama has come out in support of liberal attempts to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. Although his Justice Department has so far reluctantly upheld the letter of the law, they have made their contempt for this important pro-family legislation no secret.

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has kept the Radical Homosexuals from undermining marriage at the federal level for thirteen years. A bulwark for pro-family activists, DOMA has restricted the federal government to a traditional definition of marriage.

Now, with liberal Democrats in control of Congress, it is only a matter of time before an attempt to repeal this vital legislation will be introduced. And President Obama made clear Monday that he has no intention of defending the American family should such legislation reach his desk.

President Obama

President Obama

Obama Supports the Repeal of DOMA

In fact, Obama went so far as to actively support DOMA's repeal, calling the protection of traditional marriage "discriminatory." He said that repealing this legislation was necessary to extend special "rights and benefits" to homosexuals.

The repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act is at the top of Homosexual Agenda. Repeal would have grave implications for traditional marriage throughout the United States. Public Advocate is keeping pro-family activists informed as this story develops.

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