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Will the Homosexual Lobby Win in Maine?

The Homosexual Lobby has forced its agenda through Maine’s legislature and is now just one vote away from passing so called Homosexual “marriage” in Maine.

The Homosexual “marriage” bill has passed the legislature and been signed by the Governor, but has yet to become law thanks to the efforts of pro-family advocates.

Pro-family forces took advantage of a provision in Maine’s constitution known as the People’s Veto.  

According to the People’s Veto, if petitioners can gather enough signatures during the 90 days following recess, any bill passed in the previous session can be brought up for a vote by the people.  If the People’s Veto passes, the law is repealed.

Defenders of marriage gathered over 100,000 signatures, nearly double the number required, and presented their petitions over a month early.  The Secretary of State simply has to certify the petitions and homosexual “marriage” will face the People’s Veto.

This battle promises to be very close.  The Homosexual Lobby is enlisting out of state resources from across the country.  The Radical Homosexual Agenda must be opposed and it will be very expensive.

According to Bob Emrich, the organizer of the Stand for Marriage Maine coalition, “It will cost $2 million and possibly more than that depending on what the other side does and how we may need to respond to it.”

The vote will be November 3rd and polling indicates a very close fight.  With help from Public Advocate and other Pro-family advocates we can pass the people’s veto and repeal Homosexual “marriage.”

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