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Ted Kennedy Swim Team Will Not Be Disbanded

Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc. marks the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy. We will not disband the Ted Kennedy Swim Team. We will not disband the Ted Kennedy Thought Control Police. We will not disband the Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint. They will continue to be on active duty to stop bad legislation being promoted to "honor" the legacy of Ted Kennedy.

So in "honor" of Ted Kennedy Public Advocate asks our supporters to continue to fight those who are using Ted Kennedy's death to pass bad legilslation. If they can use the death of Ted Kennedy to do bad things, than Public Advocate can talk about the bad things Ted Kennedy did when he was alive.

Lets be reasonable here. Public Advocate creatively opposed Ted Kennedy in ways few people in the conservative movement thought possible.  And Ted Kennedy and his liberal crowd hate us for it.  Public Advocate will simply and properly match the use of a dead Kennedy to oppose bad legislation just as  the liberals use a dead Kennedy to promote the passage of bad legislation.