Defending the family

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Don't Let the Liberals Take Advantage of You.


Dear Conservative,

Today, the liberal establishment is mourning the loss of Senator Ted Kennedy.

Tomorrow, they'll be pushing their agenda using his body as a bargaining chip.

During his Senate tenure, Kennedy led the way on almost every single bill that advanced the radical Homosexual Agenda. The Homosexual Lobby considered him their staunchest ally in the Senate.

Now, before Kennedy's body is even cold, the Homosexual Lobby is using the Senator's death to further their agenda. Liberals are proposing that lawmakers set aside "petty" differences, and fulfill Ted Kennedy's dream of a nation that promotes and protects homosexuality with the power of the federal government.

And you can bet that his two pet projects, Thought Control and the Gay Bill of Special Rights, will be at the forefront.

If Ted Kennedy's Thought Control Bill passes, citizens like you and me could be fined or even thrown in jail for speaking the truth about the Homosexual Agenda.

And the Gay Bill of Special Rights would force schools and churches to hire homosexual teachers. Radical Homosexuals will receive "Special Rights" that will transform America into a land of vice and sin. No child will be safe.

These bills will be pushed ruthlessly, camouflaged amid a shower of praise for Kennedy's years of dedicated public "service." Any who dare to oppose them will be viciously attacked for their lack of "respect for the dead." Public Advocate and other defenders of the American family will find ourselves fighting a lonely battle.

But Public Advocate has always been dedicated to fighting Ted Kennedy and his pals in the Homosexual Lobby.

Anti-family forces in Congress bent on honoring Kennedy by passing radical legislation can only succeed if we remain silent.

For the family,

Eugene Delgaudio
Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. There's no denying that dark times are ahead for the family. Thought Control has already passed the House and Senate and we are fighting desperately to stop it in Conference Committee.

Now Teddy's death is about to be used to push the Gay Bill of Special Rights. Only with your help can Public Advocate continue to fight the ravages of the Homosexual Lobby. Please send $100, $50 or whatever you can afford to aid Public Advocate as we defend traditional American values.

Public Advocate depends solely on your support.
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