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Thought Control Headed for Final Showdown

Eugene Delgaudio

Radical homosexual activists have coerced their anti-family cronies in the Senate into attaching the Ted Kennedy's despicable Thought Control Bill to a piece of "must pass" legislation.

Now the Defense Authorization Act -- which allocates money to our military serving in harm's way -- contains a completely unrelated and un-American provision meant to criminalize Christian speech.

They even managed to sneak this amendment in without a vote.

Their hope was either to pass it before the public noticed, or tie it to a bill too important to stop when people finally caught on.

Fortunately, Public Advocate knows all of the Homosexual Lobby's tricks, and is letting the American people know while we still have time to strip this dangerous amendment out.

You see, before the bill is voted on in its entirety, it must first go through a conference committee, where the offensive Thought Control provision can be removed.

Twice before, you and other Public Advocate supporters stopped them.

That's why it is vital we force the Congressional leadership -- those responsible for appointing legislators to the conference committee -- to order their conferees to strip this unrelated and anti-family provision from this important bill.

And if pro-family Americans speak up, Congressional leadership may fall in line.

You see, with congressional approval ratings in the tank, and some leaders like Harry Reid hanging on for dear life, they may heed a vocal public outcry from pro-family citizens.

Congressional leaders simply can't afford to be pulling this sort of underhanded trickery with their jobs hanging in the balance -- and they will have to quit playing games if they know the public is onto them.

By signing your online petition, and including a generous donation of $100, $75 or $50, you will help Public Advocate incite more public outrage, and send the message to Congressional Leadership loud and clear:

"Order Thought Control to be stripped from this bill in conference, or find a new job."

As the radical Homosexual Lobby's oldest and strongest enemy, Public Advocate is the only national group to have caught on to all the radical homosexuals' devious tricks and tactics.

That's why we've been warning for years that they would try to sneak this destructive bill through by attaching it to "must pass" legislation.

And that's why it is up to you and I to wake up the rest of the American public to this slimy strategy.

So please, sign your petition immediately and make a generous donation of $100, $75 or $50 so Public Advocate can notify the public of the Homosexual Lobby's underhanded tactics.

I know you always want to be made aware of the Homosexual Lobby's sneaky strategies. Please help Public Advocate tell the rest of the American public what they are trying to pull.

For the family,

Eugene Delgaudio
Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. The Homosexual Lobby has secretly attached Ted Kennedy's Thought Control bill to a piece of "must pass" legislation.

It is vital we force Congressional leadership to order the conferees on the the Defense Authorization Act to strip the Thought Control provision from this important bill.

Please sign the petition immediately, and make a generous contribution of $100, $75 or $50 so Public Advocate can alert the American people to the Homosexual Lobby's deceitful strategy.