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Proposition 8 Battle Far From Over

The Homosexual Lobby is more determined than ever to repeal Proposition 8, which enshrined the sanctity of marriage into the California constitution.

And they are currently plotting to reverse our progress and subvert the will of the people.

Just last weekend, over 80 homosexual activists from across California revealed plans to repeal Prop 8 by bringing a new constitutional amendment before the people (Click here for more).

Unfortunately, the Homosexual Lobby, fueled by angry radicals and funded with millions of Hollywood dollars, may have a distinct advantage in a future campaign.

After winning the battle to safeguard traditional marriage, it is natural for champions of the American family to go back to their everyday lives, spend time with the kids, and feel their heartfelt values are safe for one more day.

But that is exactly what the Homosexual Lobby is counting on.

If pro-family advocates are lulled into a false sense of complacency, these full-time activists will seize upon the opportunity to mobilize their angry base and destroy all that we've worked so hard for.

You've seen this enraged group in action before. You've seen it in the vicious and even violent attacks on those who supported Prop 8.

From destruction of private property to mailing white powder to churches, there is little that these radical homosexual activists won't do to advance their agenda.

And when it comes to repealing Prop 8, they're ready for a fight. It is up to defenders of traditional values to mobilize even more than for passing Prop 8. They will be working harder and we must do the same.

We must be prepared for 2010. Because unless we redouble our efforts, all our past work will be lost.

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