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Blogger: Obama Hazes America's Children

"Declare your boundaries, Americans, Obama will assault them. Including your children's boundaries"

Conservative blogger "" explains how a young marine who stands up to a liberal Congress and President Obama becomes the grist for the Obama propaganda machine running a hazing effort aimed at America's children in response.

(this was posted prior to the President withdrawing his lesson plan but explains White House strategy on how his war room plotted an assault on the nation's children).

Remember from only a week or so ago (way back then in mid-August), that American citizen (David William Hedrick, III in Montana), telling their Congressman to "stay away from my kids" ("OORAH vs BOOYAH: U.S. MARINE KICKS DEMOCRAT-ARSE").

Obama and handlers have, apparently, found that declaration yet another characteristic by an American that they feel compelled to assault.

Declare your boundaries, Obama will assault them. That appears to be the snarky (if not nasty, indecent) method by the Obama Administration - in keeping with Rahm Emanuel's methodology that emergencies are opportunities for exploitation: Americans declare an effective boundary, a point that they/we do not want compromised (in this case, our children and government's intrusion into the parent-child relationship of society), and the Obama Administration responds by invading that boundary.

Specifically, Obama's using government departments to invade and exploit boundaries that most Americans have declared offensive if violated, and in this case, he's using the Department of Education to implement coercive manipulation of children in public education: on September 8, 2009, Obama will "address" children in public education, going so far as to "ask" instructors to create lesson plans for the event that include suggesting that children in public education "learn more about Obama" and "read books about Obama" (the books about Obama, so far, are written by Obama, conveniently).

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