Defending the family

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The Homosexual Lobby to Repeal DOMA and Institute Nationwide Homosexual Marriage.

What I warned you about is now happening.

Congress is back in session with the Homosexual Lobby firmly holding the reins.

And it is obvious now that nation-wide homosexual marriage is their first order of business.

H.R. 3567, better known as the Offense to Marriage Act, is the full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. And in only two days since it was introduced by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), the bill already has 91 cosponsors.

Clearly Nancy Pelosi has put this bill on the fast track.

If the Offense to Marriage Act passes it will remove a state's right to protect its family values. Worse yet, it will lead to nation-wide homosexual marriage.

You see, the Defense of Marriage Act is the only thing stopping federal courts from mandating that all states recognize homosexual "marriages" performed in states like Massachusetts and Connecticut.

It is vital we act immediately to fend off this assault on our values and freedoms.

With 91 cosponsors, the Offense to Marriage Act could pass in a matter of weeks.

That is, unless you and I have something to say about it.

I'm planning to mobilize the full force of Public Advocate towards defeating the Offense to Marriage Act and protect traditional marriage.

We may just have the advantage in this fight. The radical Homosexual Lobby has gone too far and the public isn't going to take it.

You and I aren't going to take it.

Even Barney Frank, the Homosexual Lobby's chief advocate in the House thinks they are moving too fast and called it "a mistake."

But their mistake is our advantage. Together, you and I can turn this crisis into an opportunity and turn back the advance of this radical agenda.

But we must let our Congressional leaders know where we stand. We must show them that we will not allow radical activists to ride roughshod over our values.

Public Advocate is here to help you do that. I will keep you informed and updated on this continuing battle for the American Family.

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