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Video and Pictures: James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles Anti-ACORN Heroes

James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles collaborated together in a series of undercover videotapes that caught ACORN employees willing to foster illegal and grossly immoral activities.

Giles came up with the idea to dress like a prostitute and go into an ACORN office asking for assistance. In an interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity she said:

"It's amazing what girls think about when they are jogging. And that was just something that popped into my head. I had never seen an ACORN office, I really didn't even know that they existed and I jogged into the wrong part of town, saw some homeless people and street ladies and I put two and two together when I turned around to get back into a safe neighborhood. And it's like - what if these people went into ACORN - a prostitute and what would come from that? No bills, no nothing - would they get a house? Could they start a business? So we put it to the test."

See the interview with Hannity here: v=2SmeZjF4bis

See the pictures here:

James E. O'Keefe is an American investigative journalist and conservative activist. This is not his first attempt to uncover corruption in leftist organizations. Two years ago he posed as a donor for Planned Parenthood. He told an employee that his contribution should pay for abortions of minorities because "there are way too many black people." Several Planned Parenthood employees approved of his request. After audio recordings of the conversations were made public in 2008, Planned Parenthood was forced to issue an apology.

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