Defending the family

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Public Advocate would like to thank President Obama for commenting on the brutal slaying of 16 year old Chicago honor roll student Derrion Albert. President Obama should invite the family of the slain teenager to the white house, embrace them, and ask the country to mourn with them their loss.


We ask the President to return to his traditional family values roots by firing Kevin Jennings, the despicable "Safe Education Czar" and condemning the child rapist Roman Polanski. Mr. President, Stop using children and start protecting them. Prosecute the beating of children and tell Whoopi Goldberg to keep her defense of this monster Polanski to herself.


The President of Public Advocate, Eugene Delguadio comments; "We don't see how having the Olympics in Chicago is any of his business, what is his business is Roman Polanski getting away with his crimes and being brought to justice. If Gates is your business then get Polanski in jail, and get these gangs in jail."

If you're going to use children for propaganda purposes you better start paying attention to crimes being perpetrated against them.

In recent days, Public Advocate has opposed President Obama's mandatory address to the nation's children and the obscene video footage of teachers forcing students to sing the president's praises. Public Advocate is reporting on how Obama's "Safe School Czar" Kevin Jennings, an avoid homosexual propagandist, accepted and approved of a 15 year old boy being violated by a male adult predator, and for schoolchildren to be lectured on Sodomy.

There are many looming catastrophes on the nation's horizon; the crippled economy, the implementation of socialized healthcare, threats from overseas, and the high unemployment rate.

President Obama meanwhile has been spending his valuable time, energy and political capital in Copenhagen, Denmark campaigning with his wife and Oprah Winfrey for the 2016 Chicago Winter Olympics. Having the Olympics in America is always nice, but why is the President of the United States devoting himself to this minor mission when there are serious threats to our nation?

Recently, 16-year old honor student Derrion Albert was savagely beaten to death in front of Christian Fenger Academy High School while trying to help a friend in a bout of gang violence in the city. He was killed in Obama's city of Chicago,

In July, Obama jumped into the controversy surrounding Professor Gate's accusations of racism. Obama lowered himself into a controversy that the President of the United States has no business being in. Why can the President not involve himself in the death of Derrion Albert, and call for a return to traditional values and for justice to be done. Instead, he indoctrinates school children and stands by while his cronies force children to sing his propaganda. He passes a blind eye over Kevin Jennings' perversion, and refuses to address substantive issues, the corruption in his home city of Chicago, and his own administration here in Washington.