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Stop Obama's Mandatory Gay Sex Youth League

Stop Obama's Mandatory Gay Sex Youth League

It is believed that a new federal agency created by President Barack Obama was accomplished with no announcement or executive order or act of Congress. A recent White House employment memo hiring Kevin Jennings,as the assistant secretary for the existing Department of Education tasked Jennings to also operate as the head of the new Department of Homosexual Indoctrination.

And that's why they called him the safe school czar. Its President Obama's big public inside joke to the homosexual lobby.

This new department is the hard edge of the so-called gay rights elite. And its first order of business is the compliance of every school district in its title mission.

Out in the open as a promoter of a "Mandatory Gay Sex Youth League" (sic) , President Obama's "safe school czar" condemns heterosexuality in an angry tone singling the end of tradtional life in America's schools.

"Kids are being aggressively recruited to become heterosexual in this country, " he complains in a just posted audio tape while carrying out plans to agressively recruit America's children for homosexuality. He is insanely and quite enthusiastically mad in condemning Shakespeare and all of the worlds literature devoted to traditional values.

This uncovered audio tape documents the establishment of this new "agency" and Kevin Jennings position that the entire Education establishment and all of the world's academic literature has to go in order to make way for (what a surprise) Obama's "Mandatory Gay Sex Youth League."

You think normal God-fearing Americans, or most who don't blindly follow the President, might have a problem with that? Hear the audio :