Defending the family

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Gore was a successfully mediocre vice president. Under his watch the economy was rolling along and there were not any major crises where the blame could be traced back to him. When he received the Nobel Peace prize, it was clear that it was meant as a consolation award for his failure to capture the Presidency in 2000.

On the other hand, in the short 8 months President Obama has been in office he has managed to rack up a list of accomplishments that would make Jimmy Carter blush. On the fiscal front, Obama crippled the economy, tripled the national debt, and caused the dollar to shrink. The officials he appointed to his administration are terribly untrustworthy and after being appointed, almost immediately fell into corruption scandals. With a botched Afghanistan and appeased Russia and Iran, his international accomplishments have not fared much better.

President Obama, as the king of disaster, qualifies for the Nobel Peace Prize!

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