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President's Rash Dash For Gay Cash

Obama Publicly Accepts Homosexual Payoff to Betray Military

President's rash dash for gay cash

"'My expectation is that when you look back on these years you will look back and see a time when we put a stop against discrimination ... whether in the office or the battlefield,' Obama said."

"His message Saturday was one of unity and support for a group that has funneled large amounts of money into Democratic coffers.

'I'm here with a simple message: I'm here with you in that fight,' Obama said."

For the full quote:

President Obama pledges to end ban on homosexuals serving in the military
By The Associated Press
October 10, 2009, 10:37PM

The Human Rights Campaign, which invited Obama to speak at its dinner Saturday night, holds out hope of seeing more action.
"We have never had a stronger ally in the White House. Never," Joe Solmonese, the group's president, said at the dinner before Obama spoke. In an interview, he said the Obama administration has been working with the group on a range of issues "on an almost weekly and sometimes daily basis."

5/26/09 - Same Sex Marriage: An Oral History

By Gavin Newsom
Los Angeles Times

"Weeks after I was sworn in, I was in Washington, and Nancy Pelosi asked me if I would like her husband's ticket to the State of the Union address. I went to the Capitol and watched the speech. The speech ended with President Bush railing about gay marriage. We were in two wars and grappling with things like climate change and income equality, and he's talking about gay marriage. It was wedge politics." for the rest to to



When President Bush defended marriage from homosexuals, San Fransico's Mayor Newsom called it "wedge politics." We won't hold our breath for Mayor Newsom to call Obama's gay's-in-the-military fundraising scam "wedge politics."

San Fransisco just had its anti-Christian Folsom Street Parade -- naked people walking down the street promoting sado-masochism -- a couple days ago and Washington just witnessed thousands of militant homosexuals demanding "rights" like new federal powers to same sex declarants-- on Sunday

From the president's statements this weekend, Mayor Newsom's San Francisco sado-masochist parade is what Obama wants to force the US military to condone.

This past weekend the president was selling an unprecedented gay military to homosexual contributors with deep pockets and big fundraising -- all while bragging about holding the military hostage to the worn-out thought-control bill (which Public Advocate has opposed in Washington for years) by not allowing the $680 billion military budget to pass without the thought-control.

CBS, among other media outlets, reported disgust among members of Congress: "'The inclusion of 'thought crimes' legislation in what is otherwise a bipartisan bill for troop funding is an absolute disgrace,' said Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, head of the GOP conservative caucus." For more visit

Let's get the president's sales-pitch straight: If Congress does not pass thought-control for America, then the president and Nancy Pelosi are going to defund our military in Iraq and Afghanistan? That the president and Pelosi would hold the military hostage to the thought-control bill gives new meaning to the term "American Taliban."

>>>President Holds Military Hostage

The president has no business forcing thought-control on America by threatening to betray our servicemembers who are already pressured with multiple deployments and two major conflicts.

Gay propaganda from liberal media dishonestly states that a "repeal" of "don't ask, don't tell" would allow gays to serve in the military when repealing "don't ask, don't tell" would actually have the opposite effect as a homosexuality "ask and ban" policy previously screened homosexuals from compromising the military at all.

The United States has never allowed open homosexuality in the military -- and for good reason: homosexuals who have sneaked into the military in the past have a nearly 100% security compromise rate when tested.

Congress should override Obama and repeal "don't ask, don't tell" which would reintroduce the "ask and ban" screening question to keep homosexuals out of the military altogether.

President Obama is attempting to gratify his homosexual contributors and their insatiable, gluttonous appetite for neverending thought-control and special rights. Yet the deep pockets of rich homosexuals create a never-ending bribe to convince President Obama to hold the American military hostage indefinitely. The only way to deal with this neverending bribe is to demand that Congress protect our troops from the president as well as his misguided homosexual contributors who have no clue about the military except as a gay bar night theme.

Congress should reinstitute the "ask and ban" policy, force President Obama to respect our military, and stop holding the military budget hostage to thought-control. The B. O. in Washington is starting to stink, and it isn't because the president has been doing any PT with the troops. President Obama should know better than to undermine military security in his rash dash for gay cash.