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Obama�s School Czar Jennings �Straight People Want Gays Dead�

From Gateway Pundit online, (Quote) Verum Serum discovered this article by Obama's Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings in 1998:

(Quoting Jennings)
We need to own up to the fact that our culture teaches boys that being "a man" is the most important thing in life, even if you have to kill someone to prove it. Killing someone who calls you a faggot is not aberrant behavior but merely the most extreme expression of a belief that is beaten (sometimes literally) into boys at an early age in this country: Be a man- don't be a faggot. (End Quote from Jennings)

Public Advocate's Opinion

Jennings believes that Christians and straight people promote the killing of homosexuals and he believes that Christian and straight people tell their kids to kill someone over being called a homosexual. It is perfectly natural for a self respecting Christian to not want to be associated with the homosexual movement and it certainly doesn't mean that they want to commit acts of violence. However, Mr. Jennings and the radical gay agenda want to force acceptance of their immoral behavior on everyone else.

Apparently, he believes all laws should be written to protect deviant behavior, and free speech should be restricted.

This is exactly what Public Advocate has stated for many years. Public Advocate has said emphatically that the Homosexual lobby wants power over straight and Christian families in order to abolish any form of moral behavior or free speech.

To get the full article and to see many other anti-family anti-freedom statements made by Obama appointee Kevin Jennings, go to

Obama school czar on bullying: It's okay to kill people who call you names
http://gatewaypundit.blogspot. com/2009/10/obamas-safe- schools-czar-wrote-that.html

Article Updated at 5:30 PM Tuesday Oct. 13, 2009