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NFL Colts Owner Irsay Hates Rush Limbaugh!

NFL Colts Owner Irsay Joins Obama Team against Rush Limbaugh

National Football League Colts owner Jim Irsay decided to comment on conservative Rush Limbaugh's being part of an effort to keep the NFL team in St. Louis but the Colts owner, and others, decided to attack the good natured Limbaugh who talks about football as much as he talks about politics.

According to WOKV TV news "Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay says he'll oppose Limbaugh's bid to buy the team, because he says Limbaugh's comments have been "inappropriate, incendiary and insensitive and it's something that we dont need.""

Just how much money does Irsay bring to the game? Zero.

Now several sports types are piling on how Rush Limbaugh is devisive and too controversial. His first job was that of a sports announcer.

Let's see: Many NFL players do not object to other NFL players who drag everybody down and several of them have gotten in trouble: Dogs get tortured. Pistols get fired in the nightclubs. Crimes, traffic infractions, drunken brawls for years on end and scandals including drugs, robberies, assaults and Janet Jackson on prime time.

Rush Limbaugh spends a hundreds of hours of his own prime time show saluting the sport of football over the years and he's way too controversial.

Condemn a big conservative who wants to help a major city keep a team with his money.

Granted it is not the same as President Obama dragging an entourage overseas to pitch for the Olympics, but Limbaugh does not control the U.S. Government.

Human Events online, in "Rush's Rams" writes "To listen to his opponents howl, you'd think it was the worst thing for the NFL since Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl a couple of years ago."

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Keith Olbermann called out Limbaugh Critics in his 'Worst Persons in the World' segment last Thursday.

"There're now gonna be character tests for sports owners? There'll only be three of them left," Olbermann said. "Unless they (the Rams) beat the Vikings Sunday, as of next Thursday, it will have been a full year since the Rams won a game. My God, if Limbaugh wants to buy them, far be it for me to tell him he's flushing his money down a rat hole."

After Sunday's game, the Colts are now 0 and 6 for this year. See Link.