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PA Questions "Conservative" Newt Gingrich

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio issued this statement today to thousands of supporters, subscribers and blog watchers.

Delgaudio said "So-called "conservative" leader Newt Gingrich is backing a liberal, anti-family Republican in a special Congressional election in New York.

I want you to call him and help me get to the bottom of this, but first I want you to have all the facts. I'll give you his number in just a minute.

You see, Dede Scozzafava -- the liberal RINO candidate Gingrich has fully endorsed -- voted to legalize homosexual "marriage" in New York as a state Assemblywoman in 2007.

Scozzafava, who is also strongly pro-abortion, faces opposition from an equally anti-family Democrat. However, there IS a staunch pro-family voice in the field.

Conservative Party Candidate Doug Hoffman is an unwavering defender of marriage and the unborn.

Which begs the question: Why would a so-called "conservative" leader like Newt Gingrich endorse a candidate so seemingly hell-bent on destroying families and the fabric of American society?

Does Newt only care about party, power, and winning at whatever the cost? Does he hold no real principles at all?

These are questions the media has been asking non-stop, and Newt has been weaseling out of giving a straight answer.

That's why you should call his office at (202) 355-9475 or (202) 587-5710 and DEMAND a response.

Newt may give a bogus answer like "a pro-family candidate cannot win." If so, point him to ALL the recent polls showing Conservative, pro-family Hoffman CRUSHING Republican, anti-family Scozzafava.

I demand that the leaders of our movement actually stick to -- AND BELIEVE IN -- the principles they tout. I hope you do, too.

That's why I really want to figure out why Newt Gingrich is trying to defeat a strong pro-family candidate and help a liberal RINO legalize homosexual marriage and promote abortion-on-demand.

Can you help me find out by calling Newt Gingrich's office at (202) 355-9475 or (202) 587-5710 and DEMANDING an answer?

If his office refuses to help, tell them what you think about what Newt is doing. If his staff is helping him promote this anti-family agenda, they deserve an earful too.

We cannot allow so-called "leaders" to get away with selling out our most important values. Please call Newt right now."