Defending the family

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Pigs are flying. Hell has frozen over. Time is standing still. The Washington Post is now calling Virginia's Gov. elect Bob McDonnell, the formerly Christian fundamentalist who hates (all) women including his 4 daughters and his wife, and his entire extremist ticket, as MODERATES who ran as MODERATES. says it best

If brain contortions of this magnitude could be shown on an MRI (scan), the Washington Post's editorial board would earn center ring billing with the Ringling Brothers Circus.

The Washington Post has attacked Bob Mcdonell and his running mates as extremists who should be hung from lamp posts or shot on sight, (sic) now, says "astonishingly, the Post's rationalization of the Democrats' drubbing is that, all of a sudden, the formerly right-wing dogmatic Republicans happen to be center-right pragmatic moderates who even agree with Obama on some issues"

So, the liberal Washington Post is now the Rightwing Washington Post. It has moved to the extreme right.

Elections joke of the day: Washington Post editorial claims 'the center holds'