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PA To Speaker Pelosi: We Have Yet Begun To Fight

Speaker Pelosi's War Against the Poor, the American Family, and Seniors

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, lives in an unreality cosmos, an extreme unreality where the poor must always be at fault for their own plight; and in this unreality cosmos, Speaker Pelosi is bent on attacking and jailing any of the poor who cannot pull themselves up by their own bootstraps to meet her mandates.

In Nancy Pelosi's unreality world, every American who's life and economic well-being is being destroyed by Congressional mismanagement of our economic system and the hyper-inflationary pork bailout (again, the head of the House banking committee, "House Financial Services Committee," is Barney Frank) -- every single American who suffers from these congressional monuments to disaterous governance will now be penalized and criminalized even though Congress alone, not the people, should be held accountable.

In Pelosi's unreality world, that counts as reform; that counts as progressive and fair.

The health-care bill which the House narrowly passed makes criminals of the growing number of the most needy Americans.

President Obama, in debates with Hillary Clinton said that he disfavored fining people who did not or could not purchase health insurance while Clinton said that she would favor fines. But here we are again.


The criminalization of those who cannot afford Obamacare lies far beyond federal jurisdiction per Article I, Section 8 of the U.S Constitution, which defines the full scope congressional authority; Furthermore, Obamacare criminalization of the poor also lies far beyond the scope, literal meaning, and intent -- as well as any emanations and penumbras theoretically appertaining -- of the 16th Amendment.


Should the Senate be so misguided as to join Speaker Pelosi in criminalizing America's destitute ; and should President Obama sign the war-on-the-poor bill into law, the attorneys general of each state have the responsibility to implement defense litigation on behalf of the citizens of their respective states, as well as their children, in the federal courts to the effect that Pelosi's war-on-the-poor bill should be nullified by judicial review.

Of course no declaration of war by Speaker Pelosi against the poor would be complete without an aggressive front against America's seniors. It is also now widely discussed and reported that in addition to the hyperinflationary aspects of funding her bill, that Madame Pelosi is also stealing 400 billion dollars -- with a "B" -- from Medicare and America's seniors for her bill.

The Associated Press has reported as of the night of the vote that "To pay for the expansion of coverage, the bill cuts Medicare's projected spending by more than $400 billion over a decade." For more see link at "U.S. House passes health care bill on close vote, 220-215, David Espo, Associated Press"

Speaker Pelosi has gone to the uttermost fringes of the unreality zone to declare total war on "We the People".

Well, Madame Speaker, Public Advocate's response,in the tradition of John Paul Jones when he was asked if he would surrender by a British Captain: " WE HAVE YET BEGUN TO FIGHT."