Defending the family

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING and Merry Christmas!


(Official Statement of Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc.)

The president is still bowing to every king, emperor or corrupt dispot. I guess that is quite a contrast to Christians who are still bowing to the real King in Heaven and wishing everyone a festive Merry Christmas.

There is now proof that the entire hysteria and wall to wall 24 hours a day 7 days a week panic about global warming is a complete and total fraud admitted by the people doing all the screaming in 100s of emails produced and published in 100s of publications and broadcast to millions on the Fox TV channel.

Even Republicans who embrace liberalism admit their public sins in the face of a "dumb housewife" who sells half a million books in 24 hours. Its the first time in recent years that a national political figure confesses their thinking and private details without people rushing to turn off the radio or television. That's because the major news media is not covering Sarah Palin, but that's not the point.

Most of the major news media covers up homosexual plans to destroy traditional marriage, but Americans are vigilant.

Most of the major news media ignores politically biased scientists who ignore facts and data contrary to their bias.

To liberals the world is still flat and those of you who believe it round need to shut up.

Sarah Palin is not Anne Coulter but Palin is a Anne Coulter want-to-be who is a public official of the future.

That's probably going to translate into a million sales during the Thanksgiving Weekend and there are 700,000 books sold as of this morning.

The writing style is a little tepid when compared to Coulter, Hannity or Mark Levine though. But America wants to know more about the person the news media hates. We do too and there will more of that from Public Advocate later.

Don't forget Public Advocate promoted Anne Coulter for Supreme Court over Harriet Myers, so its a good thing when a conservative leader who refuses to compromise is proving popular support in every corner.

That's the "good news".

The bad news: The president, both houses of Congress are about to hand the biggest socialist mess of a health care plan to our children and their children in the form of trillion dollars a year liability and destroy private medicine forever.

Bad news or good news, Public Advocate urges you to take a day off Thanksgiving Day and take a day off on Christmas Day to honor God, our families and the accomplishments.

And prepare to fight the bankrupt liberal policies, legislation and candidates or office holders who preach liberalism.

Wish your Congressman a Merry Christmas and give all liberals the gift of truthful opposition. Buy them a Public Advocate Barney Frank Fruitcake.