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New Jersey Citizens Prepare for Public Advocate Visit

Calls from supporters of traditional marriage in New Jersey are being answered.

The pleas for support from Public Advocate have been coming in since a New Jersey State Senate Committee vote earlier this week.

"We will respond with a flood of telephone calls from Public Advocate's unique high volume but low budget "Emergency Marriage Preservation Reverse Hotline" which is an automatic alert system and has attracted some interest in other localities.

"Public Advocate staff are working to prepare our phone system so that today I can call one million supporters daily of traditional marriage in New Jersey with a key message of political action. This is ten times the size of any previous Pubic Advocate effort. " said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

This effort will result in pro-family New Jersey citizens calling their Senators by the thousands this week.

Through the mail, over the internet through direct electronic messages and banner advertisements and using low budget technology, Delgaudio could reach over one million people each day.

"Messages will be left on answering machines and we will use an 800 line and special website set up just for New Jersey-- all with a staff working the weekend and with volunteers," said Delgaudio.

In recent months, Public Advocate has been active in California, Iowa, Florida, Alaska, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Virginia, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Washington D.C. and even to England, to defend traditional values. This year Public Advocate has directly contacted ten million Americans with postage paid "snail" mail, events, interviews, phone calls and passive and active internet messages and advertisements.

In one internet communication, Delgaudio asks

"Please, take a moment to give as many state senators in New Jersey a quick phone call asking them to support traditional marriage" and provides a link to the entire New Jersey Senate phone list of each Senator.

Updated December 13, 2009