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New Jersey Major Battleground in Homosexual Marriage Fight

Public Advocate has undertaken a massive effort to generate last minute opposition to homosexual "marriage" in New Jersey.

The vote to legalize homosexual "marriage" was expected to take place December 10th, but was delayed after support was found to be lacking.

With the vote expected any day, Public Advocate is contacting hundreds of thousands of pro-family New Jersey citizens and asking them to petition their state senators through phone calls, letters and emails.

Add your voice to the fight against homosexual marriage in New Jersey. Click here for the contact information of every New Jersey senator.

With recent votes on homosexual marriage both in favor of and against traditional marriage, New Jersey represents a battleground state that may set the precedent for other state fights on homosexual marriage.

State legislatures from around the country are closely eyeing the vote in New Jersey to determine which way they will vote when the marriage fight inevitably happens in their state.

Even a traditionally pro-family state like Texas may soon find millions of pro-homosexual dollars poured into their state to pass homosexual marriage if New Jersey falls.

"It is important that Public Advocate supporters throughout our nation realize the importance of each and every fight to preserve traditional marriage, from the Federal level down to individual state fights," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio.

"The marriage vote in one state will ultimately affect the outcome of battles in another. It is vital pro-family Americans unite to defend traditional marriage in New Jersey," said Mr. Delgaudio.

The response to Public Advocate's efforts in New Jersey has been overwhelmingly positive and the senators' phones have been ringing non-stop.

Every day thousands are flooding their senators with their pro-family message, urging a vote against homosexual marriage.

But this fight is stretching Public Advocate's resources thin.

To help Public Advocate continue fighting to preserve traditional marriage in states across the nation, please make a secure contribution by clicking here.

Donations from Public Advocate supporters are vital to this fight.