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Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint on Full Alert

The Grinch Senate voted Christmas eve to destroy the world econonmy and dismantle free enterprise, again.

The Senate ignored lies, the birth of the Savior, led the new politics of public bribes using taxpayer dollars and did not get even liberal Republicans to join them.

Even John McCain did not join them. Wow.

A short time ago Senator Orrin Hatch would have taken a drunken Senator Ted Kennedy and kindly told him to straighten himself up so that cameras and Public Advocate would not make him look like a drunken sot chasing skirts 24 hours a day.

No sober Senator even bothers to stop a person who has temporarily lost his reason to drive the Senate car into the dark night.

That's how far down the U.S. Senate has sunk.

They don't even bother to stop Senator Max Baucus as he displays to the world how drunken socialists are in control of the Senate.

They had to simply go all night and day and scare the Republican Senators into not wanting to meet LATE "Christmas Eve". Republicans should have fought but they "know better".

The pagan and agnostic Senate now drunk like President Pro Temp Al Franken-- on power and more -- telling Lieberman he won't even get a minute of floor time (sic). More time for Baucus apparently.


Here comes Max Baucus to the rescue to show what the Republicans have failed to tell us. A.) Some Republicans want to sell us out in the name of "compromise" and B.) he is drunker than a skunk.

So, thank you Max Baucus for testifying about what some liberal Republicans would not tell us. And proving even drunk and not being in your right mind, you can at least tell us something worth acting upon.

We will probably hear some good excuses shortly from Senator Baucus or the White House. 177,000 people have already seen this naked display of painful debauchery.

For the record, all members of the Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint will be on full alert when the Senators return.