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Brits Pick: Top 100 Conservatives?

We doubt Public Advocate will make the list.

The Telegraph newspaper is posting several names at a time each week and has already put "Dick Luger" and Arnold Schwarzenneger on the list!

There is no way those two are conservatives and it seems if you are a Republican then you are a "conservative" which is absolutely wrong.

And they list David Keene for his claim that Sarah Palin needs to improve her image in order to run for President.

To think Palin has no chance would mean forgetting Margaret Thatcher had less going for her with her rise to power in England. It took Thatcher years also.

Public Advocate has not forgotten how English government officials condemned Michael Savage (althrough the Telegraph did put him on the top 100 conservatives list) and attacked an American Beauty Queen who stood up the homosexuals and said she supports traditional marriage.

Congratulations to Morton Blackwell for making the list.

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