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Cuccinelli Earthquake Attempts To Restore Rule of Law In Virginia

Cuccinelli Earthquake Attempts To Restore Rule of Law In Virginia

You would think a political 8.8 Rictor Scale earthquake occured in Richmond today named the "Cuccinelli Earthquake" based on the frantic news media reports and liberals running to the news studios.

The Richmond Times Dispatch posts "Cuccinelli says public colleges can't protect gays" as if "gays" need to be protected.

Public colleges in Virginia actually awarded special preferences to a whole class of person: those with sexual "orientations" and "gender identities" and "gender expressions" which are all litigation nightmares costing taxpayers millions of wasted dollars in lawsuits nationwide and the destruction of traditional moral values on a grand scale.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has simply stated that the colleges and universities of the Commonwealth of Virginia must actually conform to the law as upheld by the Court system, the Virginia Constitution and the American Constitution.

No taxpayer funded institution or supposed arm of the government can operate outside its authority and deciding that an entire class of person or "sexual orientation" exisits without first obtaining authority from the state legislature is null and void. Kaos would ensue if everybody decided to start awarding special allowances in the law using taxpayer funding and their mis-allocated authority.

Institutions in Virginia are being held accountable and being given the opportunity to get back into compliance with Virginia law.

The Dispatch reports "Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says Virginia's public colleges and universities cannot prohibit discrimination against gays because the General Assembly has not authorized them to do so."

It is routine for public institutions at any level (state, city or local) to bring their respective ordinances up to date with Richmond's expressed opinions or legislative actions. It would seem normal for educational arms of the state to comply quickly.

See the Dispatch online reporting on this

This is AG Ken Cuccinelli's Letter to College Presidents in PDF format