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Dr. Laura Plugs Public Advocate

Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura Schlessinger radio show (opening monologue) transcript:

"The U.S. Department of Education will investigate a complaint against a Maryland county that alleges government officials there broke the law by discriminating against the Boy Scouts of America.

"A group calling itself Public Advocate of the United States filed the complaint against Montgomery County, Md., for the county's decision to reverse a long-standing policy and begin to bill the Boy Scouts for meeting space on public school property. The scouts had previously met on the same property for decades at no charge.

"The Boy Scouts are still feeling the effects of their highly publicized policy to exclude homosexuals from leadership positions - a policy defended by the U.S. Supreme Court - never mind the highest court in the land - in a ruling two years ago.

"The Education reform law President Bush signed earlier this year, titled the No Child Left Behind Act, contained a provision protecting the Boy Scouts.

"Its ok to discriminate in this country, it depends on group. Discrimination is not immoral or illegal in the United States, unless it's something perceived by a 'special' group.

"'Special, we're special.' (Mocking tone)

"Ok that's enough, there's so much more (laughs), but that's enough for now. I wish I could say April Fools' Day."