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Proposition 8 Federal Case Nearing a Decision

Proposition 8 Federal Case Nearing a Decision

The Proposition 8 federal court case is coming to an end as closing arguments will soon commence.

Whatever the court's decision may be, it is sure to be a defining ruling in the fight for traditional values as courts nation-wide will cite this as precedent in future homosexual marriage cases.

By voting in favor of Proposition 8 in the last general election, the people of California made it clear they oppose homosexual marriage.

Public Advocate has been hard at work fighting for traditional marriage in states from coast to cost. I hope the court will uphold the wishes of the people of California and rule in favor of Proposition 8.

VA Attorney General Pushes Back Against Special Rights for Homosexuals

Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has written a letter to the board of every public college and university in Virginia informing them that they have no legal authority to enforce special rights for homosexuals.

Currently Virginia's public colleges and universities enforce policies that regulate the hiring and admittance of homosexuals. According to Cuccinelli, such laws must be derived from Virginia's General Assembly.

While it is likely that it will take legal action to remove such policies, it is encouraging that the Attorney General is taking a step in the right direction towards pro-family values.

Cuccinelli is one of a group of recent pro-family conservatives elected during midterm elections that includes VA Governor McDonnell and NJ Governor Christie.

Public Advocate to Fight Back in New Hampshire

Last year, Public Advocate played a major role in the fight against homosexual marriage in New Hampshire.

And while Public Advocate was not able to overcome the massive amount of money the Homosexual Lobby poured into New Hampshire, we still managed to win the vote of 85% of targeted Senators.

Now, Public Advocate is preparing a petition-based campaign for New Hampshire citizens to pressure the state legislature into overturning homosexual marriage.

This campaign will gather petitions from thousands of New Hampshire citizens, but the extent of Public Advocate's efforts will be dependant on support from its members.


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