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Iowa Talk Show Host Steve Deace: McDonnell Flip Flop is "Wrong"

The following is a segment from the Steve Deace show.

"Another person's election that a lot of so called were very excited about was Bob McDonnell, elected governor of VA back in November. McDonnell was hailed as some kind of Conservative stalwart. The mainstream media, the liberal media tried to paint him as some Bible believing Christian wacko. He's been on the job now in [Virginia] for less than three months. One of his first major decisions as governor, do you know what it is? You're going to love this. One of his first major decisions as Governor is to enact rights for homosexuals.

"He's going to apply the principles of the very controversial employment non-discrimination act, which proponents of sodomy love. He's going to apply it to state workers in Virginia, which means that tax payers are going to subsidize pattern benefits for homosexuals, and this is your hard core conservative.

"Maybe you know the name of Larry Sabato, Larry Sabato is the director of the University of Virginia center for politics. He's been frequently featured on FOX news. He's been hailed as some kind of Conservative political analyst of some repute. Listen to this quote: "This is not going over with the hard core right wing elements in the party but it is a necessity for governing, and it tells you where our society is gone. McDonnell has recognized a reality." End quote. That's from the analyst who's supposed to be on your team. I wish I could tell you I'm surprised be this but I'm not, and it really disappoints me that some of you probably are seven of the nine Supreme Court justices who gave us Roe V Wade were appointed by republicans.

"As of 2008, nearly 60% of the federal Judiciary, appointed by Republicans Decisions like striking down sodomy laws, taking away private pro rights, taking away gun rights, are largely coming from Republicans appointees to the bench. Remember Roy Moore in Alabama who was kicked off the bench because he would let go of the Ten Commandments? He was kicked off the bench by a republican appointee."

Listen to the full 12 minute monologue here.